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Dr. Nahid Linda Banihashemi

Designer and Author

Dr. Nahid Linda Banihashemi

I have a growth mindset with this belief that I am responsible for building up a better version of myself in order to contribute more and reach a full potential. I have realized that mathematics comes natural to me form a very young age. I have found it entertaining. It's like playing a game . So I ended up completing all my degrees -Bachelor , Master and Ph.D- in Applied Mathematics. After years of working with fresh high school graduates at different universities, I came up with this conclusion that most students struggle with the basic mathematical knowledge required to have before entering universities. This has made me initiating my own company, Bungee Pi , to help children acquire core skills and knowledge for having a bright future. Bungee Pi has a vision to empower students with problem solving skills and critical thinking using applied mathematics. It uses the art of storytelling and cartoon for explaining the mathematical concepts and their applications to increase the level of engagement and understanding. Basically, I have been creating the practical version of mathematics curriculum which makes mathematics useful, meaningful and interesting.

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