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Dr. Nahid Linda Banihashemi

Designer and Author

Dr. Nahid Linda Banihashemi

I have completed my degrees -Bachelor , Master and Ph.D- in Applied Mathematics. I have worked on solving a wide range of real life problems through mathematical and statistical approaches and been fortunate to work with great scientists and engineers from well-known universities and organizations like the University of Technology Sydney, The University of Sydney and University of South Australia. I also have achieved great teaching experiences by helping students in these universities. Since 2015, there has been an inner interest on working with our future which is children. They need to build up core skills and knowledge to face challenges and uncertainties in their future. I have decided to help them becoming great creative problem solvers of future using practical mathematic. I ended up initiating MathSpread with a vision to empower students with creative problem solving skills using mathematics by which they will build up a great foundation for a bright future.

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