Why is there a huge need for Bungee PI ?

For building up skills which guarantee a successful career

Students are facing so many uncertainties about the future of the job market. Fast growing technologies have been broadening our perspectives in so many dimensions but have also given us an unpredictable future. What it is wise to do at the current situation is building up skills which are likely to provide a solid foundation for a successful career. Recent analysis shows that STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) occupations are taking over the job market and the demand for its related skills is rapidly increasing. Critical thinking and problem solving skills in particular have been considerably required by the  majority of employers over the past few years . This implies that students need to acquire these skills using a proper education. Bungee PI was initiated to provide a great educational platform for students to acquire these skills using a novel approch.

What is Bungee PI about?

Empowring Students with critical thinking and problem solving skills Using applied mathematics

Bungee PI was initiated by Dr. Nahid Linda Banihashemi to empower students with these skills using uniquely applied mathematics. It is based on a strategic program which not only focuses on the abstract mathematical concepts but also on their applications and links to order disciplines. It incorporates mathematical concepts into real life scenarios which is a very challenging task as it requires a fundamental  change  in the way mathematics has been taught and delivered over so many years. Bungee PI makes learning fun and effective using story-telling, animation and collaboration for students to understand the world through the lens of mathematics , feel confident and smart and become prepared for the future.

How can Bungee PI help you making progress ?

Through application, story telling, animation and collaboration

Mathematics is the main tool which has been used by Bungee Pi for developing critical thinking and problem solving skills in students. However, mathematics appears to be hard, boring and useless for majority of students. Problem solving can be hard even for smart students. The main focus of Bungee PI is to help you overcoming these negative feeling and perceive mathematics as fun, applicable and powerful subject by which you improve your analytical skills. For achieving this goal, Bungee PI uses storytelling, animation and applications. We align mathematical concept you are supposed to learn at school in each grade with its application in real life first. Then we make a story out of it and deliver it using fun animations. Using this approach you not only appreciate the power of mathematics but also you learn how to use it for solving real life problems.

How do we deliver our program?

Using online platform and problem solving classes

Bungee PI is based on a hybrid model which includes online platform and group activities in the class. The online platform includes the stories, animations, quizzes and surveys which students need to progress through at home with their own pace . The problem solving classes which is aligned with the online platform is for group activities in which students solve practical problems with their friends and enjoy learning through collaboration with others

Bungee PI chart

The identity of Bungee PI

The Purpose of the Bungee PI is to make the Earth a better place for living by having more powerful, educated and conscious humans. Its vision is to empower people with knowledge, critical thinking and problems solving skills to build a great foundation for future. It has a mission to become the best educational platform with a uniting approach which used mathematics as its core. Bungee PI has so many values . Education, logic, creativity , awareness, fun and integrity matter the most for it. How is it Positioning itself in the market ? well, by having highly qualified experts in the fields of applied mathematics, making the fundamental change in the way mathematics has been taught for centuries by making it fun, applicable and collaborative. It uses story-telling animations to provide fun learning experience. The level of integrity toward learning mathematics which Bungee PI has is almost unheard of in the space of mathematics education .

Distinguish Features

  • Storyteller

    Bungee PI tells story. In fact, real life story about things around us like this sun, Earth, different sounds, shapes of leaves, animals, the architecture of buildings and bridges.

  • Fun Animation

    How would you feel if learning mathematics is like watching cartoon? wouldn't be fun , interesting and engaging? Bungee PI uses animations to present its stories.

  • Insight into reality

    Bungee PI talks about life and help you to understand it through the lens of mathematics. Mathematics has been used for decoding information and understanding phenomenon at a deep level whole through history. It's the time to appreciate its power.

  • Aligned with Curriculum

    No, you don't need to learn extra maths. The mathematical concepts you are supposed to learn at school in each grade have been aligned with Bungee PI stories. Even online quizzes are aimed to make you perform better at your assessment

  • Affordable program

    Education matters the most for Bungee PI that's why we have made the fees for the online subscription and classes affordable. It is for anybody to join .

  • Flexible program

    It is very enjoyable when you stay at your own comfort, play animations and try to learn at your pace. Using the online program by Bungee PI, you have the luxury of re-watching animations as many times as you need to grasp it completely.

About the Founder and Director

Dr. Nahid Linda Banihashemi

Designer and Author

Dr. Nahid Linda Banihashemi

I have a growth mindset with this belief that I am responsible for building up a better version of myself in order to contribute more and reach a full potential. I have realized that mathematics comes natural to me form a very young age. I have found it entertaining. It's like playing a game . So I ended up completing all my degrees -Bachelor , Master and Ph.D- in Applied Mathematics. After years of working with fresh high school graduates at different universities, I came up with this conclusion that most students struggle with the basic mathematical knowledge required to have before entering universities. This has made me initiating my own company, Bungee Pi , to help children acquire core skills and knowledge for having a bright future. Bungee Pi has a vision to empower students with problem solving skills and critical thinking using applied mathematics. It uses the art of storytelling and cartoon for explaining the mathematical concepts and their applications to increase the level of engagement and understanding. Basically, I have been creating the practical version of mathematics curriculum which makes mathematics useful, meaningful and interesting.

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